Overlooking These Two Signs Of Water Damage Could Cost You Dearly

Some homeowners do not fully understand the dangers of water damage. This is sometimes due to people not realizing that their homes do not have to go through a massive flooding for serious circumstances to arise from water damage. For example, a leaky pipe might get discovered in time for repairs, but if the water damage left behind is not properly cleaned up, it could result in dangerous mold growing in a home. The following are two examples of circumstances that are sometimes overlooked despite being obvious signs that water damage is occurring or has occurred and was not cleaned properly.

Stained Walls

Brown spots on walls are signs of water leaks. These leaks may be related to faulty plumbing. It is also possible that brown spots located in the area where the ceiling and wall meet are the result of a leaky roof. You should not make the mistake of attempting to paint over water stains on walls. This may make your walls appear more cosmetically appealing, but if mold is growing behind the walls, it will continue to thrive, and it may eventually make someone in your home sick. 

These types of damages should first be repaired by the appropriate type of contractor. When the repairs are made, a professional clean-up by a water damage restoration, like Absolute Restoration LLC, company is ideal. This will aid in ensuring that potential or existing mold sources are removed. 

Hot Spot in Floors

This is a common sign that is experienced when there are pipe leaks in the slabs of homes. The warmth in floors occurs as a result of hot water leaking. Some property owners may notice that their water and energy bills suddenly surge along with the sudden warmth felt on their floors in certain areas.

If you have had this type of leak for a while, it is possible that you have gotten used to the high bills and the way your floor feels. Pay attention to your pets if you have any. They may prefer to lounge in the areas of the floor where they identify warmth, so if you notice that your dog or cat has a favorite spot in the floor to sleep, it could be due to a hot water slab leak providing warmth and comfort in the area. It will be more difficult to detect this type of leak if you have radiant flooring because your floors may naturally warm as part of the way your HVAC system operates.