Do You Have Damp Drywall In The Basement? What To Do

If you have a moisture problem in you drywall around the basement and you aren't sure if there is permanent damage, you need to call the experts. You want to call a water damage restoration company that specializes in treating these kinds of problems in your home.

Water damage in the home can cause a lot of concerns, like structural weakening and mold and mildew damage. Here are a few things you can get help with when you call the water damage restoration company to help with the problem.

Dry It

Make sure the area is totally dry by having a water damage restoration company come to the house. They will dry the area with commercial vacuums and dryers to ensure the moisture isn't going to cause any more damage to the house, and to make sure that none of the materials in your home are damp. The experts have the tools to dry the internal structural components of the house that you may not realize are wet. The carpeting and anything that was along the drywall may also be wet.

Seal the Area

Have the area sealed with a coating that is similar to paint. This sealant will kill any mold or mildew that is on the surfaces, and it's going to act as a barrier to stop moisture from becoming a problem later on. This sealant can be used on the walls and also on the foundation of the home.


It's important to get a dehumidifier that can properly dehumidify the entire space in the basement, and you can get one that's installed on your furnace. There are also systems that don't just take the moisture out of the air, but they also purify the air as well. This is important if you want to keep the basement dry and to avoid future problems.

If you can feel that the walls in your basement are damp to the touch and the air in the space feels moist, it's time to call the professionals to make sure there isn't any major damage in the space. The company may recommend that you remove the drywall and other materials if there is a lot of damage because of water, and then you'll want to replace everything. Controlling the moisture in your basement is a concern that you don't want to neglect at all, and you need to stop the damage at the first sign of trouble. Contact a business, such as Accutech Restoration, for more information.