Clearing The Way For Proper Reimbursement

If you are trying to arrange for repairs due to damage to your home, you're likely trying to get the work and your homeowner's insurance claim completed as quickly as possible. However, you have to be careful not to jump the gun because the wrong move or the wrong timing could affect whether or not the insurance company agrees to pay. And if you've already started arranging for repairs, a refusal to pay by the insurance company could leave you in a bind.

Wait for the Adjuster

An adjuster from your insurance company is going to have to check out the damage to your home. This can be difficult in that it delays repairs, but it's helpful in that the adjuster can often see additional damage you didn't realize was there. It's also helpful in that your insurance company likely is going to put up a fight about paying for repairs if the adjuster can't take a look at the full damage.

If you start repairs before the adjuster sees what happened, your insurance company could flat-out refuse to pay. Obviously, urgent repairs like a water leak need to have some action taken immediately to stop the leak. But leave the rest of the damage alone until your insurance company can see it.

Check for Recommended or Direct-Repair Companies

The damage contractors you use should be able to receive reimbursement as long as the repairs are covered, but it's often easier to get reimbursement if you go with companies that are associated with the insurance company. Many insurance companies maintain lists of direct-repair companies that have a streamlined payment process for damage repairs. This is especially common for car repairs, but you may find home damage repair contractors listed as well.

Ensure the Repair Is Really Covered

Along with letting the adjuster see what happened first, you need to be sure the damage and repairs will actually be covered. Flood damage, for example, isn't always covered by homeowner's insurance; you usually need separate flood coverage for that. You don't want to file claims for damage that isn't covered because that can establish a record that tells the insurance company that you might be a higher-risk customer. That can affect your ability to get your other policies renewed.

As you look for damage contractors, like Nordic Services Inc, to complete the work, keep in touch with your insurance company. If you can arrange for the contractors and the insurance company to deal with each other directly regarding payments, that makes things easier on you as you wait for repairs to be done.