Water Heater On Its Last Legs? Why You Should Replace It Sooner Than Later

If your water heater has outlived its usefulness and you're tired of the constant repairs, trade it in for a new model. You have more to gain from a new water heater than you might think. Now that your water heater is on the way out, here are four reasons you should replace it before it finally kicks the bucket.

Prevent Water Damage

If your water heater is outdated, you're at an increased risk for leaks and ruptures. You might think that minor leaks are merely an inconvenience, but that's simply not the case. A small leak can become a major tank rupture in no time at all. If your tank does rupture, you could end up with a watery mess throughout your house. Depending on how long the water flows or how long it takes for you to get the mess cleaned up, you could be looking at extensive water damage – including mold growth and damaged drywall. Prevent the risk of water damage by replacing your water heater.

Protect Your Family

When you think of problems with your water heater, injuries to you and your family probably don't come to mind. Unfortunately, water heater issues can pose serious health and safety risks for you and your family. Worn-out water heaters can cause the water to get too hot, leading to serious burns. They can also leak carbon monoxide gas into your home, which can prove fatal. Protect your family from the potential harm by replacing your old water heater before it begins leaking carbon monoxide.

Ensure Water Quality

As water heaters age, they fill with sediment and rust. Flushing the tank once a year will help resolve the problem for a while. However, once your water heater reaches a certain age, flushing the tank won't help. Unfortunately, that's when you'll start noticing a problem with your water quality. Once the tank wears out, you'll notice unusual odors and taste in water that comes from the hot water faucet. You'll also begin to notice discoloration. You can ensure proper water quality by replacing your water heater before it wears out completely.

Avoid Cold Showers

Once your water heater wears out, it will be just a matter of time before you're left with nothing but cold water. Unfortunately, you never know when that will happen, which means you could be in the middle of a relaxing hot shower when it does. You can avoid the unwanted cold showers by installing a new water heater as soon as possible.

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