Clearing The Way For Proper Reimbursement

If you are trying to arrange for repairs due to damage to your home, you're likely trying to get the work and your homeowner's insurance claim completed as quickly as possible. However, you have to be careful not to jump the gun because the wrong move or the wrong timing could affect whether or not the insurance company agrees to pay. And if you've already started arranging for repairs, a refusal to pay by the insurance company could leave you in a bind. Read More 

4 Ways That Smoke Damage Can Harm Your Home

Although everyone knows that smoke damage can cause some serious harm to your house and property, not everyone knows to what extent smoke damage can harm your house and what sort of damage it can really do. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn a few of the ways in which smoke can damage your home. Health Issues Although the damage to your home and house can be quite significant, the real damage that smoke can do is to you and others living inside of your home. Read More 

Do You Have Damp Drywall In The Basement? What To Do

If you have a moisture problem in you drywall around the basement and you aren't sure if there is permanent damage, you need to call the experts. You want to call a water damage restoration company that specializes in treating these kinds of problems in your home. Water damage in the home can cause a lot of concerns, like structural weakening and mold and mildew damage. Here are a few things you can get help with when you call the water damage restoration company to help with the problem. Read More 

Overlooking These Two Signs Of Water Damage Could Cost You Dearly

Some homeowners do not fully understand the dangers of water damage. This is sometimes due to people not realizing that their homes do not have to go through a massive flooding for serious circumstances to arise from water damage. For example, a leaky pipe might get discovered in time for repairs, but if the water damage left behind is not properly cleaned up, it could result in dangerous mold growing in a home. Read More